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Corporate Volunteers

Working together we seek to create engagement and to shape communities where the people we support are valued and equal citizens.

We will work with you to engage your company and staff as much as possible and ensure you receive appropriate recognition and benefits for supporting our work.

There is a wide variety of options for how your company and your employee volunteers can provide support.

Hosting mock interviews for job seekers with an intellectual disability

Offering work experience placement

Practical activities such as gardening, painting, maintenance

Skills sharing

Collaboratively organising a social event in the community that the individuals we support can attend

Choosing us as your Charity Partner

Our Community & Volunteer Co-ordinator can meet with you giving the opportunity to learn more about the Brothers of Charity Services and discuss ways your organisation can get involved.

Galway Community and Volunteer Coordinator
Contact Mairead on 087 380 3460 or email

Roscommon Volunteer Coordinator
Contact Edel on 087 488 7314 or email