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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy is a person centred profession that promotes health and well-being through occupation, enabling people to participate in the activities of daily life. Occupation is the everyday activities that people do as individuals, within families and communities that bring meaning and purpose in life.

We work with people to enhance their ability to do the occupations they want, need, or are expected to do. We examine the interplay between the person’s abilities, the occupation and the environment it is carried out in. Careful modification of the occupation and/or environments can positively impact the person’s engagement and participation in daily living activities. This is particularly true in the key areas of self-care (e.g. dressing, feeding, personal hygiene), productivity (e.g. school, work, household chores) and leisure (e.g. recreation, play, social). Occupational therapy aims to promote choice and opportunities for people to be as independent as possible, actively participate and live a life of their choice.

Our Team work with children and their families through the Children’s Disability Network Teams. We also work with adults who use our residential and day services.

Occupational Therapists work with the individual and their circle of support providing assessment, intervention, programme support, equipment prescription and consultation services. A range of service supports are offered including daily living skills development, complex seating, prescription of aids and appliances that support daily living, environmental assessments and modifications together with building adaptations, strategies to support sensory regulation, and use of assistive technology.

The occupational therapy service delivers bespoke training to front-line staff to support a person’s development of skills and participation in daily living activities. The service is also involved in a range of other trainings to families and support staff often delivered in conjunction with other multi-disciplinary professionals.

We work with multi-disciplinary colleagues contributing to postural management, people handling, falls management, positive behaviour and sensory regulation, assisted decision-making, feeding/eating/drinking, community living and integration.

Occupational Therapy is involved in various exciting projects including:

Anne Yore – Occupational Therapy Manager, CORU Registered OT023504
Phone: (091)721400