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Residential Services

People are supported to be valued tenants within their local communities. People may choose to live in a variety of different accommodation settings, such as their own apartment, while others may choose to share a house with a number of their peers. Our residential homes are situated in rural towns, villages, and cities. This offers a variety of choice dependent on the person’s own wishes.  

We tailor the level of supports provided towards the particular needs of each person/residential setting. People are supported to make real choices over the day-to-day matters that are a part of all our lives. Opportunities are provided for people to take part in meaningful activities that they are interested in. 

There is a focus on the development, and expansion of, socially valued roles. This facilitates people’s engagement and contribution to their local communities. We support people to build on their natural support networks with like-minded people as well as maintaining contact with family and friends. Residential services aim to support people to be equal and active citizens within their communities. 

If you would like any further information regarding Adult services provided by any of the Sectors across East & West Galway & Roscommon please contact us.

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