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A young boy with glasses is smiling at clapping his hands together. A smiling community nurse is standing beside him.

Community Nursing

The Community Nurse is part of the Children’s Disability Network Teams. They work with children from Birth to Pre School age and provide Early Intervention Programmes and support. Community Nursing Services support the Family in identifying their child’s needs and priorities. Through this collaboration, we develop and adapt an individualised Early Intervention Programme according to the needs of the Child and Family.

Our services are child-centred family-based services. Developmental support is provided primarily through home-based sessions where individualised Early Intervention programmes support the child’s developmental needs within the context of the Family and home setting.

Early Intervention Groups and Information Workshops are also provided to support each child’s development and the Family’s needs. 

Supports provided include the Parents Plus Programme, TEACCH Programme, PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System), Infant Massage, and Hawaii Early Learning Profile. 

Pre-school preparation and support are provided to facilitate a successful and fluid progression into the pre-school environment.  

The Community Nurse facilitates Medical Clinics throughout the Children’s Disability Networks.  

Referrals can be made directly to your local Children’s Disability Network Service.

For more information contact:

Claire Delaney – Community Nurse Manager – West Region
Phone: 090 66 28500