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Social Work

Social Work Services aim to promote independence and enhance the quality of life for children and adults who use Brothers of Charity Services and their families. The role is diverse and responds to the many complex needs of the individual and their family. 

The Social Workers within Children with Disabilities Network Teams work with children from birth to eighteen years of age who have complex needs and their families. A child has complex needs if they have a range of difficulties which need the support of a team of professionals who work very closely together.

Social workers work as part of a team using a family-centred approach to identify needs and goals to support the child’s development. Some key Areas of Social Work Involvement with Children include: 

Working with families and a multi-disciplinary team to help them make informed decisions about their child’s needs. 

Supporting educators in local preschools, Child Development Centres, special schools, and local schools.

Providing information, highlighting needs, and advocating for practical and therapeutic services for the child and family including respite care. 

Group work including Parents Plus Programmes and Sibling Workshops. 

Supporting families to access support in their local community from statutory and voluntary agencies 

Advocating for families who have acute housing needs. 

The Social Workers in Adults Services enable people supported to be supported in person-centred solutions to difficulties they face in their lives. This is achieved by providing access to practical support and provision of therapeutic support which empower individuals to exercise choice and control and to adapt to peoples changing circumstances. Some key Areas of Social Work Involvement with Adults include: 

Support people to develop their independence and to effect improvement in their quality of life.

Support Human Rights, Choice and Person-centred Service support for people supported. 

Ensure adults are Safeguarded from harm when protection issues arise.

Liaise, refer and provide information on appropriate support agencies and community support links.

Enabling people to lead their lives as valued citizens and identify options to make decisions for themselves. 

For more information contact:

Martina McGrath and Nicola Crosbie – Heads of Department, Roscommon
Phone: (090) 662 8500

Michael Flood – Head of Social Work, Galway
Phone: (091) 721 400