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Day Supports

Individuals in the Day Centres are invited to partake in a variety of supported programmes. The Centres link with local community groups in many different projects and joint initiatives. 

Each Day Centre encourages individuals to liaise with various local community groups regarding different projects and joint initiatives that may interest them. This allows those participating in the Day Supports to explore a variety of interests and opportunities that are unique to them.

Individuals partake in a variety of skills-building modules of their choosing including life skills, independent living skills, further education, personal development, arts initiatives, crafts, work skills and projects, horticulture, music, and physical exercise programmes. Individuals are supported to access further education, qualifications and certifications and employment through opportunities within their local community.

If you would like any further information regarding Adult services provided by any of the Sectors across East & West Galway & Roscommon please contact us.

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