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What is Home Sharing About?

Quotes such as  “No man is an island “ by  the poet  John Donne or John Paul Warren’s quote “ Together we are better “ articulate the human need we all have to feel that we belong. It is this  community based context which is the cornerstone of homesharing fundamentally.

The Brothers of Charity Service Ireland are asking people in County Roscommon to consider opening up their homes and supporting people with an intellectual disability to make new friends, develop new interests, broaden their experiences and become more independent while giving their families a much-needed break. All household types from individuals, to couples to family units are eligible to apply to become a homesharer. 

Homeshare Roscommon are continuing to recruit host carers for its Home Share initiative in 2024.  This programme provides respite and short breaks for both  children and adults who have an intellectual disability in County Roscommon. Some people may also have a secondary diagnosis  such as autism .

Short breaks can range from a few hours each month, an overnight, weekends or longer which are agreed in the beginning. The home sharer / host carer is fully vetted, assessed and trained to take on this role.  Careful matching of the host and guest takes place to ensure the placement succeeds. Home sharers are paid an allowance which is tax free.

Irish Society is changing with, family units  becoming smaller as well as immigration and migration on the increase .  Increased social mobility can lead to people becoming isolated in their communities. Close, family networks, which used to be a great source of support, may no longer be the norm for a many people. Homesharing promotes a sense of community and connection by bringing people to together under the one roof as it fosters companionship, emotional wellbeing  and social inclusion for both parties.

Constant caring can be demanding and at times overwhelming. Respite care is a crucial service that provides temporary relief to caregivers of children and adults who have additional needs. Homesharing is seen as a valuable source of support to natural families and provides them with much needed respite. This in turn reduces stress, strain and burnout in families, and enhances families’ coping resources. As some families don’t have the option of help from family, neighbours or friends, it remains with the service providers to make available alternative forms of support.

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